I'd like to share an awesome experience with Becky at Robert Lance. My wife and I recently celebrated 30 years of marriage. Our original wedding set (purchased at 18 years old with money from our 1989 minimum wage college jobs) was starting to show significant wear and a stone had fallen out of her engagement ring. We decided to have a "date day" on our anniversary going to several jewelry stores to consider an upgrade. We went to a few local and a few national chain stores in Lubbock and had varied experiences at each, but seemed to be bothering some and just "a job" for others.

Becky obviously had time for us and welcomed us into the store discussing the many options and helping my wife decide what might "work" for her. She seemed to truly enjoy showing the rings, the diamonds, and the options. She was never pushy and seemed happy to be included on our date. It was something closer to a Disney movie than anything else, with the quote of the day being when she asked an associate to "bring me ALL the diamonds" since we really didn't have an idea of the cut, size, or color we wanted.

I don't think I'll ever stray from this store. They obviously care about the customers and want to make sure things work out. Just about all jewelry is pretty, but the experience matters. This was one of the best dates ever and now the rings are ordered! Thanks Becky and team for adding something special to our already awesome day.


My husband worked with Robert Lance Jewelers to create my wedding ring and it came out beautifully. So, they were naturally who I went to when I wanted to have a new wedding ring custom made for my husband as an anniversary gift. Even though I live out of state, Chris Dew made that happen throughimpeccable communication. I felt like his attention to detail was as if the ring was being made for him personally. Chris certainly takes pride in the work that Robert Lance Jewelers accomplishes. The team there produced a ring that took my breath away when I saw it, as it did my husband’s........Thank you guys:)

Sarah Lindstrom

This place is incredible. I bought my fiancé’s engagement ring here. The staff is so incredible.
They take time to get to know you and build a relationship. You are not just a sale to them, you are family!

Greg Couture

My wife and I love Robert Lance Jewelers, and have always had a great experience every time we stop by. We recently moved to North Carolina, but we will still be using Robert Lance Jewelers for all of our jewelry needs. The experience alone is worth a trip, even coming from a few states away!

Jacob McCay

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